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JTHSCW9DH8Server - Security - Fixed an issue where when DKIM is used by multiple domains and the User is in one domain but the MailDB address is in another...
MOBNCXJSLVServer - Directory - Added a new notes.ini to Dirsync to allow mapping "PhysicalDeliveryOfficeName" field into "Location" field. Set...
MOBNCX6254Server - Directory - Provided a new INI DEBUG_DISABLE_DIRSYNC_SYNC_FULLNAME_ON_RENAME=1 to address a use case where the Dirsync option to not rename...
DNADCYMD7RClient - Security - Fixed an issue where Creating Exportable keys and Creating TLS Credentials was setting the user instead of the server as the...
KSAUCYUC79Server - Mail - Fixed an issue where mail was not being delivered when there were two or more recipients, and when "External email Notifications"...
MKAACXFKBYServer, Client - Fixed an issue where NCSO.jar file was not being installed. This regression was introduced in 14.0.
NVJICYHBB7Server - ID Vault - Fixed a regression when doing password reset or extract ID file from the ID Vault when a Vault server was incorrectly removed as...
JLUSCYRMHFServer - Security - Fixed an issue where passkeys were not working when a user had Scandinavian characters in their common name or person...
ASATCYNKGPServer - Calendar - Fixed an issue where free time was unable to be fetched from the Exchange server using the Exchange Busytime Connector in Domino...
MJTM9LLTV6Server - Compact - Fixed a crash that could occur when running compact -a during archive cleanup
ANIACV9AGCServer - Database - Fixed an issue where an error "The integrity of a database storage container has been lost - the container will be rebuilt."...
NGRTD27LGVServer - Java Agent - Fixed a crash that could occur when running java agents. Crash was in GetLocalPoolDesc during DbClose processing. This...
VMRUD2EMWWServer - Security - Fixed an issue where 10.0.1 clients could not connect to 14.0 servers once inbound mandated encryption was...
DANOCXZS7SServer - Entitlement Tracker - Fixed an issue with the entitlement tracker where Customers with no domino users but with server access set to "users...
DANOD2PK6BServer - AutoUpdate - No longer need to restart the autoupdate task when changing the Domino directory profile Product Updates status to Notify and...
RMAACT9MEHServer - Directory - Fixed memory leaks that could occure in nif_lookup_c
KKHOD2PDBPServer - Adminp - Calendar - Fixed an issue where, after renaming a user id, old entries in the calendar with that user id as the chair were not...
DCKTD2MSCSServer - DAOS - Improved error handling and logging for DAOS Tier 2
DCKTD2NP3ZServer - DAOS - Fixed an issue where attempting to push a DAOS object to Tier 2 would result in a NoSuchKey error when calling AWS...
DNADD2GQBWServer - Security - Prevent OIDC signing keys from expiring more quickly than Domino can update them by enforcing a minimum lifetime
DDCRCYGC6WServer - Database Backup - Fixed an issue with datbase backup where the Windows server backup was triggering domino VSS writer even when domino data...
JBUDCWCJYJServer/Client - Full Text Indexing - Fixed an issue where the Notes/Domino temp file directory woul occasionally contained empty temporary filesystem...
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